After having worked for 30 years as a geophysicist or geologist I resigned from Shell in March 2015. I spent March – October 2015 walking from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

I have mostly worked technical; developing exploration plays, drilling exploration and development wells, making static models. But I have always had an interest in the financial and economical side of the oil and gas industry. So when I stopped walking I started writing: papers on oil and gas. Mainly out of curiosity – to better understand the industry I have been working in for so long. I am putting these papers on this site and intend to continue to do so until the travelling bug gets the best of me again.

Most of my papers are eventually published on other sites (sometimes shorter, often incorporating the comments that I get from people who read the drafts on this site). A pretty complete collection can be found under the site from EnergyPost.

From January 2017 onwards I am writing a column (in Dutch) on IEX.nl (the largest website for Dutch investors).

From January 2018 onwards I am writing a column (in Dutch) on Energeia (the energy section of het Financieele Dagblad).

I can be contacted at jwjamvandenbeukel@yahoo.com


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